The Best Refill Ink Suppliers For Ink-Tank Printers In Nairobi, KENYA

Ink tank printers, are slowly but surely is becoming the leading color printing technology. This is due to the low cost of ink refills compared to ink cartridges. Moreover, the use of ink refills has greatly improved on print quality by creating vibrant and vivid contrasts.

In all walks of modern life, color & black ‘n’ white printing is a vital part of publishing, transactional – printing whether on large scale processes or individual use. It is crucial in our day to day lives. Serving a dynamic purpose in communication, from affidavits, newspapers, books, flyerspostersbrochures, signs, IDs and business cards.

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Moreover, we have come to accept this industry in professional fields such as court offices, banks, universities, schools and in government and non- government agencies. Even so when it comes to printing student’s notes or project work.

In Kenya, there has been growing use of color multifunctional printers. Since the pandemic of 2019 that resulted in a shift to working from home and growth in sectional/shared office spaces, there use of small full color ink tank printers has exploded.

Most ink-tank printers provide 3-in-1 functionality (print, copy, scan) while others have optional features such as wireless networks & ARDF/duplex. The improved technology in compact and portable units has made the use of such printers quite convenient for small-to-medium office spaces.

However, most owners of ink-tank printers face the following major challenge:

Expensive Ink Refills; In most capitalistic societies, the price of goods is dependent on supply & demand. However, most consumers get duped into purchasing ink refills from some uncouth firms that overprice the cost so as to make more margins.

This in turn provides a leeway to hike prices leading to greater incurred costs to the consumer.

Good news is, even as the prices in most ink & toner suppliers seem high, there are printing shops in Nairobi, Kenya that have mastered this operation coming up with the best printing products & services rates.

Comprehensive Technical Providers has been in this product & service industry for over 20 years. With great expertise and top notch production quality, they set the bar in this competitive industry with printing costs as low as Kes 2/= per page and even lower for photocopying.

The company is certified under Kopiken & KEKOBO while providing secure and strict confidentiality in its operations. The company follows best practices and follows water-tight privacy policies.

They also in turn offer the most competitive prices ink refills for all major brands i.e HP, EPSON, SHARP, RICOHKYOCERA, CANON e.t.c

Looking for Ink Refill & Cartridge suppliers in Kenya?

CTP provides affordable printer inks for sale including ink cartridges, ink refills, ink masters etc.  High quality inks for use in leading printer brands including HP, EPSON, KYOCERA, RICOH, Canon, Samsung etc. Our inks come in black, cyan, magenta & yellow. Shipping across Kenya and beyond.

Our selection ranges from cartridges, refills & masters.

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CTP provides guaranteed expertise with leading brands such as Kyocera, Sharp, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, Risograph, Triumph Adler, HP, Epson, Duplo etc.