5 Best Photocopier Brands Available In KENYA

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Leading Photocopier Brands Available In Kenya

Looking for the best quality photocopiers brands in Kenya? Fast high capacity photocopiers or copy printers that are cost- friendly? Bulk photocopying for schools, institutions, hospitals or just a personal photocopier/printer for a home setting?

These are some of the photocopier brands you should consider investing in :

1. Ricoh

Ricoh constantly seeks to deliver new value to changing work styles by offering an array of innovative imaging equipment such as multifunctional photocopiers, printers and visual communication systems. Ricoh collection of high capacity production copiers are more tailor made to specifically fit your needs.

Its versatile products can accommodate as much volume needed per month regardless of your budget, you can opt to do away with add-ons such as zoom functionality or document feeder among others for your preferred photocopier machine.

Ricoh copiers are user friendly and do not need no super skills to operate with no professional help.

Ricoh has a wide range catalogue. Consider the few listed below:

2. Kyocera

This Japan Cooperation offers affordable, durable, and efficient photocopier the Kyocera is a brand you need to consider. Their versatile copiers are ideal for the small, medium and large organizations with a demanding photocopier needs.

One of the top features of Kyocera includes an ergonomic and resilient shells that give Kyocera photocopiers the durability to last long, the top notch designs are not only useful to last but also boost performance by reducing down times.

Moreover, smart features like wireless connectivity for printing, scanning and faxing documents that connect to your office devices with the least effort possible. The photocopier finishing qualities are exemplary as you can choose from a variety of all in one, black and white or color copiers according to your preferences

Kyocera has a range of copiers in Kenya to select from, whether it is a monochrome or multi-functional photocopier that give you the value for your investment.

Consider the few listed major models below:

3. Canon

As a well-established brand name for high quality cameras, Canon copiers provide high quality photocopiers too, their products are efficient for both small and big businesses.

One of the best features of cannon copiers is that its user friendly interface allows even the non tech savvy user to handle photocopying comfortably. Instant warm-up is another benefit associated with Canon copiers.  You don’t have to wait for the machine to cycle up and get warm to start your photocopying process, after turning it on, you can start immediately. What makes Canon copiers a favorite amongst the competitors is the manufacturer’s keen details that ensure that they provide the best resolutions the market has to offer. Whether it is the monochrome or color option, with Canon copiers, the resolution is a plus over the rest.

Consider the listed major models below:

4. Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta photocopiers and printers in Kenya are excellent for small and growing businesses because they make it easy to do more while spending less. Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs offer fast printing, high-quality copying, scanning to PDF, color laser printing, and the latest tech features for network and cloud printing

Its multifunctional printer feels second to nature because of the user friendly interface that does not need instruction manual.

Konica Minolta has every size and shape of business covered. Their compact MFPs are ideal for home businesses and small offices. For growing businesses, a Konica Minolta bizhub offers a scalable solution. You get the features you need, without having to pay for unnecessary functionality.

Konica Minolta solves your print management efficiency and helps keep printing costs low. You’ll save money without slowing down your productivity with features like: track printer usage and allocate costs, options to resist printing to black &white, biometric authentication so documents only print when the correct person arrives at the photocopier/printer.

Consider the listed major models below:

5. Sharp

As one of the leading photocopiers in Kenya and a household name, sharp multifunction printers (MFPs) are designed to make device setup easier and faster. These are not your typical all-in-one copier, printing, faxing and scanning devices. Precision engineered to help increase workflow efficiency and provide exceptional image quality, Sharp MFPs are easier to operate, control, monitor, manage and maintain, helping take your business to the next level of productivity and performance.

Sharp offers applications that help you distribute scanned documents, integrate with an existing workflow, control hard copy costs, keep your information confidential and remotely manage your multifunctional printer devices.

Some sharp technology allows two-sided documents to be scanned in a single pass—maximizing productivity and reliability while minimizing the chance of document mis-feed.

Consider the listed major models below: 


As we have seen these outstanding features in Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Canon makes them the best leading photocopier brands in Nairobi, Kenya. They have been known to offer the best photocopying, printing, scanning and fax services in Kenya that will ultimately serve your office needs. Currently the above mentioned are a few of the available photocopiers for sale.