5 Best Printer Brands Available In KENYA

printer brands

Wondering what brands to invest in suitable for your printing needs? Do you need to bring your business the next level? Or a printer that will ensure it always utilizes the most up to date technology? Or for digitizing paper based document and save them to cloud services? Look no further here is a buying guide of the best printer brands in Kenya when it comes to investing in a printer

  1. Ricoh

As a household name in the industry. They have various printers to choose from especially inkjet printers. The printers come with quality printing within built scanning and Wi-Fi functionality

2.  Epson

As a brand that has been on the market for long they offer high performing printers. Some of which come with outstanding features such as multi-functionality Wi-Fi enabled for both office and home

3. Hp

Hp offers both inkjet and laser printers of high quality that are worth checking. It has a USB port for direct print and also accepts software installation

4. Kyocera

Kyocera printers are best used for commercial purposes as it prints high number of pages per minute. Printer comes with high printout quality feature and a USB port for direct print

5. Triumph Adler

As a new brand taking document solutions by storm, triumph Adler also supplies laser printers. Having a range products customized for IT processes and effective workflows regardless of what type of print system you need


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