The Cost of printing promotional/campaign posters & flyers in Nairobi, Kenya

Color & black ‘n’ white printing is a vital part of publishing, transactional -printing whether on large scale processes or individual use it is crucial in our day to day lives. Serving a dynamic purpose in communication, from newspapers, books, flyers, posters, brochures, signs, ID and business cards.

newspapers, books, flyers, posters, brochures, signs, ID and business cards printing.

Moreover, we have come to accept this industry in professional fields such as court offices, banks, universities, schools and in government and non- government agencies. Even so when it comes to printing student’s notes or project work.

In Kenya, every 5 years the importance and scale of this industry comes to light as the country is plunged into an electioneering period. It is at this time that vibrant posters, flyers, brochures and handouts litter the streets, walls and basically any unrestricted surface.

newspapers, books, flyers, posters, brochures, signs, ID and business cards.

The volume of color & monochrome campaign posters produced during this period is immense and the cost of production can be overwhelming. To add insult to injury, basic economics comes to play in that demand outstrips supply. This in turn provides some firms with a leeway to hike prices leading to greater incurred costs to the consumer.

Below is an outline of the average rates in the Nairobi metropolitan area following a 2022 survey.








Black & white printing



5Kes- 15Kes

Black & white printing


A4/A3 Glossy paper

8Kes- 25Kes              

Black & white printing



5Kes- 20Kes

Full color printing




Full color printing


A4 Glossy paper


Full color printing


A3 Glossy paper


Full color printing

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