CTP supplies and deals in printer Inks, ink cartridges, ink masters & ink refills from all major brands. With the best rates Nairobi, Kenya. Free consultation available. With the best prices, regular offers and sales in Nairobi, Kenya.​
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Ink & Roll Masters

Ink & Roll masters Available FOR USE IN:

Rongda, Duplo, Risograph, Blue ,Copyprinters & digital duplicators. (a4/a3)

At the best rates in Nairobi Kenya.


cz/cv type, CV/A7-L

s-4877, s-4877E , S-7041E, S-7041, S-7612

Inks & Ink Masters
Inks & Master Rolls

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Top 5+ Best Inks,Cartridges & Master Rolls

Looking for printer inks for sale in Kenya?

CTP provides affordable printer inks for sale including ink cartridges, ink refills, ink masters etc.  High quality inks for use in leading printer brands including HP, EPSON, KYOCERA, RICOH, Canon, Samsung etc. Our inks come in black, cyan, magenta & yellow. Shipping across Kenya and beyond.

Our selection ranges from cartridges, refills & masters.

For Inquiries Call, Email or visit us.

Comprehensive Technical Providers

Leading suppliers & dealers in photocopiers/printers (New & Refurbished),spares, repair, accessories and office equipment. Photocopying, printing, scanning, book binding and lamination services also offered at the best prices, sales, deals & offers in Nairobi, Kenya.

CTP provides guaranteed expertise with leading brands such as Kyocera, Sharp, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, Risograph, RONGDA, Triumph Adler, HP, Epson, Duplo etc.